Summer 2016



Poor Jason our au pair... lunch at Tivoli gardens. He coped well with the scary rides later in the day...

Silly faces after scary rides

Holiday faces


We finally made it to England! Home of good friends, fabulous pubs and ferret races. Here, a pub....

At the Frasers' house

At the goat farm. The one with alpacas. And ferret racing.

Chilling at the Frasers

Waiting for dad to shop at M&S

Getting ready for Abi & Harrys wedding

The venue for the pre-wedding G&Ts and the church flowers

Abi drives the wedding car off after the ceremony...

Wedding things

Enjoyng Buckinghamshire countryside... and another pub

Storytelling in the car

Bike parking in Oxford

Ice cream flavours. Yes popcorn is one of them...

The cafe with the aforementioned popcorn flavured ice cream


Visiting Stuart in Cardiff. It really had been much too long.

The olympic pool in London

Sunshine, fountains and pokemons

Visiting brilliant Marianne in her new home in Oxford. And her local pub.