Southern France March 2010




In late March we borrowed some friends' house in Frejus, near the Cote de Azur

... flying over the Alps...

Daniel and Stuart find each their way to wind down..


Kenneth in Monaco

The aquarium in Monaco - we found Nemo!

...essential shopping

how the other half lives...

Around Frejus

The Malpasset dam which burst in 1959, killing over 400 people in the town downstream

Beware scary French geek children with glasses and briefcases who run fast

The Grotte de St Cezaire cave, near Grasse

...Debbie , Lotte and Daniel spent a day wandering around Cannes...

...while Mark and Stuart drove around the rather impressive Gorge du Verdon, 2nd largest canyon in the world

The remains of the Frejus aqueduct - bloody Romans, left this stuff lying about all over France!

The cathedral square by night