France and England June 2014


Our first stop was Normandy, where locals and visitors were busy celebrating the 70th anniversary of D-day. The French celebrated by decorating with flag garlands with the British, the US, the Canadian, the French - and the German flag. And, obviously, there were WW2 jeeps and motorcycles scooting about, making the roads only marginally less safe. Specials on wine and french fries. Parachute jumps. And crepes. Yep, mechanical things and food were to play promiment roles on this holiday...

WW2 jeeps, and paratroops jumping out of WW2 planes. Waiting for the planes was quite something. For the longest of times, nothing. Some more nothing. Then, before we could hear them, we could see them. The 12 planes came in low. The noise was overwhelming. People clapped and cheered. The paratroops landed in a field. Except one unlucky chap who got stuck in an apple tree. Ce la vie! Despite the atmosphere and the drinks we brought, it took a long time for 700 people to jump out.

The American war cemetery and memorial at Omaha Beach

Bayeux. Famous for its crepes. And its tapestry.


Not quite sure why, but there were crocodiles. Lots of them. And yes, Emily held the toddler over the crocodile pen. Not being outdone, she all but climbed over the railing herself, pivoting on her hips and dangling above the flimsy looking safety barrier. Safety my derriere! But she did get the dummy back.

An underground view of the crocodiles.

Relaxation, raisins and love in the sunshine

We stayed in a 15th century castle in Normandy, complete with a 15th century winding stone staircase, kittens, a 15th century loo (delightfully no longer in use), a baby kestrel in the barn, and the biggest fireplace I've ever seen. And lots of interesting looking doors.

From Normandy, we went to Stone to visit the Frasers. And to enjoy more mechanical things , and food.

Molly the Marlborough

Antique bonnet

Day out at Bicester Heritage Village

Garden things

Natasha went shopping with her odd-mother

Car rally, sunshine. And a pub or two