Iceland March 2010




In March, we went to Iceland with Stuart (visiting from Australia), Camilla (from England), Natja, Kim and Emma (all the way from Melby), Maiken (ditto from Alleroed) and her cousin Signe (from Darkest Jutland). We stayed in Reykjavik but saw quite a bit of the rest of Iceland, swam in hot springs, got cold and wet, rode very short horses, had lots of coffee, marvelled at the incomprehensibility of the language, snorkelled (yes really!) and enjoyed each others company

A view of where the european and american continental plates diverge


Gulfoss, literal translation meaning the golden waterfall, rather than the freezing brown torrent.

A geothermal vent, once used to generate power, but now just spewing steam and hydrogen sulphide into the air

To properly deal with the elements, we chartetered not a jeep but a superjeep. It got bogged in the snow and was pulled out by a, ermn, jeep

Funny, with a name like Iceland, you'd think it would be warmer in winter....

Impressive mountains on the northern side of Reykjavik harbour

Although banned until 1989 apparently, the Icelandics actually make surprisingly good beer

Just about to mount very small horses


Going snorkelling....I now know how the Michelin Man feels

Caving in a lava tube, about 2000 years old

The Geysir - blows about every 5 minutes

With all that cheap hot water, Iceland has huge greenhouses to grow bananas and other fruits and vegies in, which naturally need lights as well, especially over winter

The geothermal vent again and the old control houses for it

The cathedral

The blue lagoon