Photos of Daniels first 6 weeks of life


Daniel's labour was induced and rather quicker than we expected - we went into hospital at 7 pm on May 28th and Daniel was born at 6 am the following morning. What an experience. Lotte had an epidural and that allowed the birth to be a wonderful - and painless - experience that we could all enjoy. We had wonderful help and support from the midwives.

Due to rapid breathing & being a bit cold, Daniel spent a few hours in the neonatal intensive care ward.

Daniel started out sleeping while swaddled

...but is starting to prefer having his arms out

...not much personality is obvious at 4 weeks of age - but Daniel's curious

...and sometimes interactive

A mug shot with acne... (for an Australian passport photo: eyes must be open and mouth closed, you must look straight at the camera (without your head being supported) and both ears must be visible... not an easy feat for a baby without head control...)

A Babybjorn ad shot...

First trip to the beach

Daniel is still deciding whether to like baths or not...