Dubai Jan 2012




Leaving snowy Denmark behind, we headed to Dubai for a week of blue skies, shopping centre extravaganzas and musically themed fountains. It was our third visit to Dubai, and this time particularly the contrasts were noticable. Beautiful marble floors and plastic kitch in the shopping centres. Huge building sites with several large cranes, all at a stand-still. Jewellery shops selling engagement rings in shopping centres where holding hands was considered too intimate. Architectural exuberance and simplicity, side by side. And of course the life styles of the wealthy and the expats, contrasted by their maids and manual labourers.

The shopping centres

Shopping Dubai style. Leave your children, your mobile number and some money - and shop 'till you drop!

Opulence and simplicity

The beautiful and very serene Wafi mall's underground souk

The entertainment

The world's biggest glass pane at the Dubai aquarium; and a beautiful fountain performance in tune to local music. We only got a bit wet!

Water parks, and chop sticks!!!

Post swimming, and in situ playground

The hotel

The view from our hotel room; and complimentary night caps...

Out and about in town

Marketing Dubai style...


Some locals