Photos Christmas 2014


In December, Lotte made the RT PhD cake! The RT PhD cake provideed an overview of the present and recently finished PhD students in Radiotherapy Section at Rigshospitalet. Each student is indicated by an After Eight. The anatomical site investigated in the project is indicated by the edible edge of the After Eight, specified in table 1. Furthermore, the main investigational technique of each project was classified under one of the headings listed in table 2. The students sharing investigational techniques are joined by strands of purple icing. Each of these After Eights represents truckloads of hard work, persistence and team work. The students they represent help us stay at the cutting edge of Radiation Therapy. They make Riget a better much more satisfying place to work for those of us who care. More importantly, their work benefits patients. We simply canít make these guys enough cake! Red: Paediatrics Blue: Lungs Passion fruit dust: Spinal cord compression Raspberry: Head and neck Lavender: Brain Green sprinkles: Lymphoma White sprinkles: Gynae The PhD subjects were: Dose escalation or redistribution, markers, protons, motion management and patterns of failure.


Delightful school singing

In the lead-up to Christmas, we had a holiday outside Rostock, to enjoy the Christmas markets, the the scary rides, the meat on sticks and the gingerbread hearts .

After a fairly spectacular car crash, we also enjoyed the safety offered by seat belts (despite the car doing a 360 and us ending up in a deep ditch, noone was hurt), the curtesy of the German drivers (many of whom stopped, got out in the rain, and slopped through mud to see if they could help), yes! the friendliness of the German police (who let the kids put gingerbread heart crumbs all over the floor of their previously very clean van, and, once equipped with essential bits of information like the birth place of the kids, filed lots of paperwork in very little time), and the comprehensive insurance (which had us getting a replacement car some hours after our own car was written off, and being able to take it back to Denmark). What a trip!

Dismantling the gingerbread house

Much like an unexpected extra Christmas present, Lotte was awarded a prize for excellent teaching. At the time of writing, she's still wondering what to do with the £1000 cash prize. A scaled lego linac? A fabulous dinner out for select colleagues? A very large chocolate cake? The possibilities seem just about endless...

Hot on the heels of the demise of the gingerbread house, Christmas eve arrived. We were joined by family, Stuart (who almost made his scheduled flight from Adelaide and definitely made the flight a few hours, and quite a few pounds, later) - and our new American friends Laura and Drew, who coped with the family and singing surprisingly well.

After our Christmas in Denmmark, we flew to the UK to celebrate Christmas with the Frasers... Cars, baking,

We got to see Harry's new workshop!!!

View one foggy morning

A very cool car and some very messy baking

The Natural History museum in London - "wow" doesn't quite cover it

... and gallopping horses on the caroussel outside