About us




Lotte is a physicist and a not so in the closet geek. She studied physics at Copenhagen and Edinburgh universities and did a PhD in nuclear physics at Glasgow University. When we moved to Australia, she worked for Minelab Electronics (where all the physicists' names began with the letter L) and then for the Royal Adelaide Hospital as a medical physicist. Her employment there ended when she became a whistleblower. Since moving back to Denmark, she's worked at Rigshospitalet as a medical physicist. Lotte likes challenging and complex conversations, books (especially science fiction), programming (although she does precious little of it these days), travelling, oomphy red wine and learning new things. Although Lotte is Danish she feels that she has three homes: Scotland, Australia and Denmark. She is a member of LFHCfS (the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists) , Mensa, IDA (the Danish Engineering Association), and DSMF (the Danish Association of Medical Physicists). She's got bad dress sense with a disastrous liking for white t-shirts. She considers herself very lucky to have a loving family life, an interesting job with a non-psychotic boss, friends in all sorts of foreign countries, and a wine cellar.



Mark is an electrician, a general practitioner, an Australian, a private pilot, an avid DIY-er, and a pyromaniac. He also enjoys travelling, contructing things in the back garden like suspension bridges, circles of standing stones and a spa, botrytis and cooking. Having worked as a car radio repairman, a back stage theatre technician, a bowling alley attendant, a hotel receptionist, a book shop manager and a GP, he now works at St. Lukas Hospice, working with both adult and paediatric patients. Marks dress preferences include loud shirts and flip flops. He has a long list of faraway places he wants to visit.


Daniel was born in 2008. He likes Pokemon Go, Minecraft, cats, LED lights, trampolines and books. He has five odd-parents. He knows that there are 3 isotopes of Hydrogen. He knows the flag of Monte Negro. And he knows that William Fraser - Camila, Emily and Haarry's dad - is Santa Claus. . When he'd grown up he wants to be the king.


Natasha was born in 2012. She likes Peppa Pig, lollipops and dancing. She is a of a sunny disposition and generally, whatever ails her, she's quite distractable. She has five odd-parents.