Photos from the trip of Lotte, Mark and Stuart to Europe Jul Aug 2005



The view from the wall of, and a window in, Tantallon Castle, east of Edinburgh. Most of Scotland's castles are left in ruins as traditionally, castles were burnt when conquored. A windblown day- the sun battled the chill of the Scottish summer

Dirleton Castle, also east of Edinburgh

Houses on Victoria Street, New Town

A view along Dean Bridge, Old Town, Edinburgh

The beer garden of the Peartree House, Edinburgh with Euan and Carolyn. Sunny afternooon, cold beer, good company...

BBQ in the back green of Euan and Carolyn's flat. Sunshine, wine, laughter and prawns fresh off the bbq...

A replica viking ship, built using viking methods by museum staff at Roskilde Viking ship museum. The ship was docked in Edinburgh harbour. A strong smell or tar and of fish being cleaned for the evening meal...

The new Scottish parliament's insides look like an Ikea product. "Konsesus, the home parliament kit, anyone?


The Roman baths in Bath. The pillars and first storey were built by the Victorians who thought it's add to the atmosphere and make it easier to view the baths (the baths were excavated by the Victorians). A spring of water at about 40 degrees feed the pools. The romans believed the water in the pools had curative powers

The Boat House pub outside Bath. Sausages and mash and flat beer - yum! View from the small jetty

House in Bath

Fleece the parrot before and after beer in a Bath cafe


Flat, warm English beer with Ruth and Steven

View from top of St. Paul's Cathedral

The train from London to Paris


A funky metro sign & map of Paris. The Arc de Triomphe, now a large and scary roundabout

Needs no introduction... At night, the lawns by the Eiffel Tower were full of people picnic'ing, drinking wine and trying not to get wet from the recently irrigated water


Interesting rash. Lobster poisoning? An allergy to the EU burocracy? Bed bugs from the cheap hotel in Paris?

Lotte and Christel

Massif Central

Picnic at the camp site at La Tour d'Auverne. Cheese, fresh baguettes, sausage, goose pate, warm red wine - yum!

The wedding celebration of English Alix and French Nicolas, seen here imitating French peasants... An evening of the humm of conversations in lots of languages, homemade punch, local delicacies, a rude scrabble game, - and much happiness. Congratulations Al and Nico :)

The barn being converted by Alix and Nicolas. And nearby cows. Aaah

Alan pretending to have a pee... The sign is particularly amusing for those who speak Danish (in which the sign roughly says "The route of peeing"). And Alan just before cycling off to Lausanne...


The gleicher

An ice cave. A new cave is carved out each year as the old cave distorts and melts due to glecher movement


Bavarian beer at the town square in Todenau


A monestry outside Mainz. More specifically, the monestry which was graced with Sean Connery's presence during the filming of "The name of the Rose". This hall was used as the reading room of the library...

Lotte post-food poisoning and Miriam non-post food poisoning

Copenhagen (and a little bit of Sweden)

Mark, Christian and Lotte at Charlie's pub in Copenhagen

Beer in Nyhavn. Nyhavn is a small artificial channel, leading from the harbour into Kongens Nytorv ("The new square of the King"), dug by Swedish prisoners of war in the 1600's to provide access to the square. The canalside now houses old houses, restaurants and pubs. 5 pounds a pint...

Lotte and her big sister Lisbeth at Lisbeths summer house near Gilleleje. Lunch, inspection of the new kitchen and terraces, a brisk walk by the (rather chilly) beach...

A doorway of Kronborg, also known as Hamlet's castle. Built by Christian II, it has been both royal residence and military fortress and is now a museum and venue for occasional royal parties

Lotte and Natja. The conversation shall not be recalled here :). And Broenshoej, an attractive suburb of Koebenhavn. Really

The Chinese tower in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Dinner with family: Christian, Trine, Martin, Satu, Mark, Stuart, Kati, Lotte's empty chair and Hanne. Asian food, red wine, talk, Scottish desert with Australian desert wine, more talk. Aaah

A wood pile and ice creams by the harbour, Bornholm

The twisting tower, Malmoe (Sweden)

Lotte's mum and uncle in front of his farm house on Bornholm and the boat on wheels built by his sons

The little mermaid, Copenhagen harbour, as seen from the water. The little mermaid is a fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson in which the mermaid gives up her fish tail to be with a human prince, who runs off with someone else. The mermaid drowns. That's life. The statue has had its head taken off (and claimed for ransom - it was found and has been welded on again beautifully ) and explosives were used on her in 2004, but here she is, restored and still, oddly, a tourist attraction... Size isn't everything

A bridge over the harbour in Copanhagen