Photos from Culture Night in Radiation Therapy at Rigshospitalet 2015

On Copenhagen's Culture Night 2014, the Radiation Therapy Section at Copenhagen Central Hospital opened its doors to the public. Guided tours of the radiation therapy department were on offer, as were driving a virtual linear accelerator, having a closer look at a CT scanner, or trying out the video gaming glasses used for breast treatments with deep breathhold. Volunteer staff were available for a chat in the hospital foyer. And what a night. More than 150 visitors joined guided tours. We met a hundreds more for a chat about radiation therapy in the foyer. The visitors were interested, curious - and had a great time. My favourite part of the evening? The group of 3 visitors, who wanted to join 3 separate guided tours, one tour after the other. The smiles of the volunteers. The young man who kept asking questions to better understand how state of the art radiation therapy works. The couple, who brought their sleeping baby on a guided tour of the CT scanner. Having to fetch extra volunteers, because our stall in the foyer was overwhelmed - one hour before we officially opened. The interest and the enhusiasm with which we were met. At the end of the night, asking the volunteers who wanted to be in it next year, and seing everyones hand go up. Priceless.


In the hospital foyer, happy and proud staff members explained radiation therapy

Daniel the physicist and Jeppe the oncologist do their stuff

We were met by patients, relatives and people whose lives were untouched by cancer. Young and old, passers-by or people who sought us out deliberately, our visitors were curious and interested...

Aaah, the nose mould

Staff quality time

Green nets, white vac bags and much handwaving

Guided tours of "The Radiation Basement" departed every 30 minutes...

The tour explaining breast cancer radiation therapy given with deep inspiration breathhold to reduce side effects

Some lucky visitors got to drive a virtual linear accelerator