Daniel´s Oddparents


As Daniel´s parents are not religious, he is not baptised. We do, however, think that the traditional role of a Godparent has merit much beyond its religious aspects, so rather than Godparents, Daniel has Oddparents. We see Oddparents as:

  • someone who can serve as a role model for Daniel, and who has skills which we value (but some of which we do not necessarily possess!)

  • someone who will be available as Daniel´s confidant, should he want to speak to someone other than his parents

  • someone who Daniel can turn to for advice or guidance

  • someone who we hope to visit, with Daniel, when he´s small, and who Daniel might visit by himself when he is old enough

  • a formalisation of the role of an a loving uncle/auntie

  • a trusted adult presence in Daniel´s life

Having connections to, and having lived for lengthy periods of time in, several different countries, we do not feel that we have one home country: one to which we would always return, one where our roots are. Rather, there are several countries which we call home, and in which we will no doubt be spending time during Daniel´s childhood: Australia, Denmark, England and Scotland. Daniel has Oddparents from each of these four countries.

Several of Daniel's odd parents have felt at home in more than one country. Two are bilingual. One of them has creative gifts his parents can but dream of. One has a great appreciation of life in the countryside. Two are rather fond of camping. One knows a lot of trendy night clubs, bars and pubs. Two have worked in some. One likes to tinker with electronics; one with potted plants. Several have come through tough personal experiences with their flag held high.

We hope that his Oddparents will make Daniel feel that he has several homes in the world, and that he will never be left without somewhere to turn for advice, or a friendly ear, or someone to buy him a beer (in a few years time!).