Photos from a camping trip to the Gammon Ranges, August 2006


Anyone want to buy the Simmonston Hotel? Some work required...

The coal train from Port Augusta to Leigh Creek- approx. 2 km long

Rocks, rocks and more rocks. Even for the Gammons, it was dry...

Hugo enjoys the view

A puddle by a spring. With lots of slime & a really cool reflection

No thoughts of work :)

The dog fence - the world's longest fence. Keeps the dingoes out of southern Australia

Dried mud clay

Lake Frome, a salt lake

Rocks, rocks, rocks

And at night, the moon like one rarely sees it. Full, beaming and very quiet

An underexposure made the photo rather more dramatic than the scene in real life. A windmill connected to a bore.

A cairn

Hugo the 4WD, by underexposed daylight

Chamber's gorge.