Nov & Dec 2013



Tivoli, complete with elves and Santa's workshop

Hanging out with the cool people... and Tim

Sydney baking

Attending the Nutcracker at The Royal Theatre, with prince consort Henrik and a few hundred others (spot him in the Royal box, lower right. Cos he's royal. And his friends, who could not sit with him in the box, were not.)

The kids doing the St Lucy's day parade.

More baking! Personalised biscuits, Einstein biscuits and our gingerbread crocodile farm, complete with acquarium, bird bath and a snail ravaged by hungry crocodiles

Girl time and boy time, christmas eve

Aaah. Crispy pork and chicken in chocolate!

Stuart carrying out his odd-fatherly duties


Emiy carrying out her odd-motherly duties

Christmas dinner no 2, with Camilla and Emily. Note the broccoli!

Cider, and a loud shirt!

Blue icing - and ready for fireworks