Various May to December 2014


Relaxing at home

Visit to Lejre, land of legends

Dandelions and raging Roman legends

...and apparently, Mark's a natural at archery

Daniel and Lotte had brunch at cafe Zalt in Copenhagen. We're happily swapping bacon for yoghurt when 6 bearded chappies sit at the next table. They wear identical Icelandic jumpers, but with each man wearing a different - rather bright - colour. Some of them order double espressos and omelettes. Some of them "just orange juice", no food. Must have been quite a night. A few add orders for beers. Large ones. They wear Converse shoes in colours that match their jumpers. They speak what sounds to me like an odd mix of Danish and someone sneezing. I'm wondering where the hidden cameras might be when two girls ask us to take their photo with the men. And that's when we finally get it. Go the Icelandic Eurovision entry!!!

Natasha trying on flamingo fabric; and jigsaw rage

Daniel's 6th birthday

Visiting Lisbeth