Lottes speach - at Lottes and Marks 10th wedding anniversary, July 2010





When Mark and I were married 10 years ago, our lives felt rather like we were standing at the edge of a high cliff, about to jump into an abyss of the unknown.

Unknown because Mark and I were finishing university and about to have real, full-time, paying jobs. Unknown because we were about to move away from the country which had become home to us , Scotland , to move to the other side of the planet. And unknown because my father was very ill , he died a few months after being with us at the wedding.

Especially because of that cliff edge, our wedding was special. To us, it was a lot more than an occasion to mark that we love each other. Because 10 or so very good friends travelled from Scotland to spend the weekend with us in Copenhagen. Because my father could be there. Because Marks family travelled from Adelaide, and from the depths of Warwickshire and Devon, to be with us. And because my family was there like Mark's was. Because our Danish friends joined us too.

Bonds that tie us to you were forged and strengthened. So even when our lives changed so thoroughly, we were not lost. When we jumped, we never fell.

I picture these bonds as red glowing lines on a darkened world map. These lines originate in the places that house the people we love; Australia, Scotland, England, Denmark, Germany and Holland , and terminate with us, whether we have lived in our home in Scotland, our home in Australia or our home in Denmark.

The 10 years since the wedding have been eventful. They have included challenging times, such as Lottes exposure to workplace bullying and patient mistreatment, and subsequent whistleblowing, in Adelaide, and Marks epic battle getting his skills recognised in Denmark. And happy times, having Daniel join our lives, travelling, and conversations with friends and family that included laughter, seriousness, and talks into the wee hours.

We have been fortunate that when one of us was facing hardship, the other could offer strength and understanding. The happy times we have shared. We have learned, adapted, and grown together. And kept our separate identities at the same time. Our relationship is deeper and stronger than 10 years ago.

Today we want to celebrate the bonds between Mark and I, in the company of those that matter to us. We hope you'll enjoy the party!