Photos from a camping trip to South Australia's South East, Aug 2007


Trying to avoid the wind and rain, we headed south to the Naracoorte Caves

Kenneth about to go caving

Just spectacular

The fossil area has been under excavation since the 1970's, and so far, about 3% of it is thought to have been cleared. Here, the skeleton of a thylacaleo australis - otherwise known as the marsupial lion

We camped in a pine forrest which provided shelter from the wind, and spent the night trying to set fire to sodden logs. With the help of some dry wood from home, we had a fire - and marshmallows... The morning was beautiful - the wind had slowed and the trees were rocking in what breeze was left.

Bailey's rocks

The coast by Discovery Bay National Park, during strong winds - an angry sea - the foam is being blown sideways off the wave crests

Sunset over Glenelg River National Park

Zema estate winery - rainy days are excellent for wine tasting

Brands winery - gorgeous chardonnay and overgrown Gods in the garden